Committee XXIV – A new beginning

After 15 years as Pieszak Aps we are from 24/5 -2021 heading into our next chapter as Committee XXIV.

For us Committee stands for a group of selected people and brands working together and for a better fashion future, utilizing our knowledge and competences smarter. XXIV the Roman numerals for 24 is added as a personal signature from founder and owner Henriette Pieszak as it is her lucky number, thus it says a lot about how our company is founded on heart and soul.

With the new name comes an even more focused strategy to become Scandinavia’s leading fashion brand house, focusing on sustainable quality fashion. You could say that sustainable and fashion don’t go hand in hand, but we believe that sustainability is about meeting our own needs as a company without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Thus, sustainability is about caring for natural, social and economic resources. A more thoughtful process where we choose long term solutions.

Clothes and fashion are not only important for practical reasons, but also as a huge part of culture and people’s ability to express themselves. We therefore are convinced that we through our platform can make change in the way we manufacture fashion so that we do so, without compromising resources. For us that means a more thoughtfully and ethically process where we honor quality and aesthetics. Change will happen ongoing as new knowledge and innovation happens.

Even though we are far from finished with our mission, we already have come far: 

Tomorrow Denim is the first denim brand in the world to be certified by both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel, the highest possible honor within sustainability. The entire process from raw material to production, usage and after life is taken into consideration when producing a pair of Tomorrow jeans.

Pieszak was one of the first brands in Scandinavia to achieve the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for our denim. Today we have our Pieszak Swan line consisting of jeans and jersey as we continuously work to add more sustainable materials into the rest of the collection.

Ivy Copenhagen is manufactured through the same principals as the two other brands, just without the certifications. Meaning that they are produced under audited circumstances complying to ILO standards. As we go a long more sustainable materials will also come a long as innovation and possibilities occur.

Hopefully you all will join our journey towards this more slow and thoughtfully way of manufacturing fashion!