At Committee XXIV we are committed to lead the way to cleaner fashion. We embark on this mission with a positive mindset and great determination. The next chapter starts here. Let’s write it together.

With over ten years of experience working within the boundaries of the most recognized sustainable certifications, we have already come far. In 2016 Pieszak received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel as one of the first Scandinavian fashion brands ever, and Tomorrow has since followed as the only brand to achieve both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Flower certifications. With IVY Copenhagen, we introduced more responsible denim at a mid-range price point, proving that affordable does not have to equal unethical.

We are on a mission, knowing that it is a process where innovation, technology and knowledge is key to get where we want. We learn and progress as we go, always determined to make the best choices for people and planet.

Social Responsibility is integrated in everything we do. We value creating meaningful human relations and honoring the valuable work put into every product. We only work with carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers that share our high standards through all our brands. For all our brands we live up to ILO criteria meaning that our suppliers secure health care, safe working conditions, no discrimination or child labor.