Creating meaningful relations and empowering women

We couldn’t have developed our jeans without the close relationship we have with our denim supplier in Turkey. Our supplier is truly handpicked for their knowledge but also our shared values and human vision where they work according to ILO standards for working conditions, salary and human rights, securing it to be a great place to work.

As a female owned company, we embrace the fact that our supplier also works hard to empower women. Not only through employment but merely through education so women can be lifted to managing positions. This work for us is truly important as we want to use our platform to address issues around gender equality as we should have come further than we are in 2021.

To put some focus on feminism, we sat down and asked some of our friends what they think is the biggest feminist issue.

"I sadly see that women are given less wage than men still in 2020 all over the world, even they are doing the same work as men."

Sidika, Factory owner​

"Women are left a few steps behind the men unfortunately still in this age and in this world."

Asiye, Head of packaging/finishing

"Hopefully, with everything going on in the world we can soon see a bigger change. Until then, it is important that everyone with a voice in the fashion industry speak up and work continuously with matters like gender equality and inclusion, knowing that our industry employ many women."

Yeliz, ironing, bulk production and samples